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Interlocking Pavers

Interlocking pavers are the perfect solution for adding aesthetic appeal to a driveway, patio, or walkway. Interlocking paving stones are 4x stronger than poured concrete, flexible, and easy to maintain and repair.

Steps to a typical pavers installation

Preparing the Base

It is important to provide a well compacted, stable base on which to begin the installation of interlocking pavers. In some cases, this will require extensive excavation of unsuitable sub-grade material. Picos Pavers Installation Services

- Excavation of existing sub-grade
Excavate all unsuitable, unstable, or unconsolidated sub-grade material.

- Compact the base
Fill the excavated site with the appropriate amount of paver base material

- Sand Bedding
The pavers will be set in a bed of sand.

- Edge Restraint
A stable edge restraint is necessary to eliminate any lateral movement of your pavers and sand bedding.

- Laying the pavers
Place pavers flat on the sand bed.

- Vibrating the pavers
Once the entire paver field and borders have been placed, you will need to run a vibrating plate compactor over the paver project to being the interlocking process

- Sanding the pavers
The second step of the interlocking process involves working sand down between the paver joints to achieve final "lock-up".

Our paver installation is now complete and ready to seal!

Interlocking stone pavers provide an admirable curb appeal at the front of the house and charm and elegance around the house that might otherwise be left dull and unattractive by its inferior rivals such as concrete and asphalt.

Installing interlocking stone pavers in your outdoor living area will add charm, curb appeal and increase the value of your home. The benefits of interlocking paving stones include the vast selection of design options, durability, ease of repair, resistant to cracking, and environmental friendliness.

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